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There isn't a single reason for saving the Marshall Field's name from becoming Macy's - there are thousands.

Since this site was launched in July of 2005, we've Amazon shares price received thousands of e-mails from Field's famously devoted following giving palpable proof that the Field's brand is simply too valuable to be retired. It is an icon of the past, yet in the minds of the (many) people who love it, an equally significant presence in the present (and hopefully the future). We've heard from people hailing from all walks of life - young, old, urban, suburban, rural, conservative, liberal and everywhere in between. We've been contacted by Chicagoans, Midwesterners, people from nearly every state in the nation, and many foreign countries. We've been interviewed and/or featured by noteworthy media including The New York Times, NPR, Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribune, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and the BBC, not to mention the dozens of newspapers and television stations in communities that Field's serves. We've heard from people whose families have shopped there for generations, as well as people who just recently discovered the magic of Field's. We are simply overwhelmed by the passion with which Field's fans have embraced this cause, and the willingness of its fans to share their lives with us in the hope that Federated actually begins listening to its customers.

Through its 153 year history, Marshall Field's has changed the way we build, the way we socialize, and, of course, the way we shop. Its flagship store--the first how to invest in Amazon shares and most famous of its kind--is a world-famous attraction and paved the way for department stores worldwide: Wanamaker's in Philadelphia, Filene's of Boston, Macy's of New York, and Selfridge's in London, to name just a few. Marshall Field's track record of innovation over its century-and-a-half of existence is impossible to ignore. Beginning with its rise from a local merchant to a major power following the Great Chicago Fire the 1870s, from opening the first full-line branch department store ever in 1929, and continuing through the groundbreaking 2003 renovation (culminating in another first: a Vertical fashion show) of its legendary flagship store on State Street.

Field's may be famous for the grand spectacles it initiates, but we believe the brand's true value is found in its deeply rooted connections to its customers and to the communities it serves. No department store is as revered as Marshall Field's when it comes to community giving. So famous, in fact, that two of the top three Google hits for Marshall Field's link to Marshall Field's Gives (the other leads to a page on the famous State Street flagship). The positive effect of Marshall Field's Gives to its local communities is truly tangible: from Marshall Field's Free Fridays at the Henry Ford Museum, to Field's Day of Music, to sponsoring headlining exhibits such as the recent Jacqueline Kennedy exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago. The world-renowned Museum Campus on the Chicago lakefront would not exist in its current form without Marshall Field and his how to buy Amazon shares in the South Africa company's generosity.

We could talk about Frangos, or the Walnut Room, or Field's famous holiday displays - but this project proves that the brand's loyal following is its true treasure.

What does Marshall Field's mean to YOU?


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